Are we Human….

today, when I took time out of my busy life(life that looks like a waste now) to look around, to know that what is happening in my world, in my country, in my city, I came across the interview of the only witness in Delhi Rape Case, I felt ashamed, for first time in my life I felt ashamed to be a Delhite, I felt ashamed to be an Indian, and most of all I felt ashamed of Being a Human, what are we, even animals don’t do this to an another animal, what we are are doing to each other, all we can do is candle light march, shouting for our rites, when we are the one’s who don’t help each other, what we all worried about is only, the damn rat race we love, well we are even worst then rats.
We used to say, I used to “Dilli Hai Dil Wallon Ki”, but not any more, at least not till the day I see my Delhi become Delhi again…
Today I take a VOW that till I’m alive, I will not stop myself from helping a fellow Delhite in the time of great need. and I would request all my Friends to do the same, coz only these small small things can really change our Delhi back to its original state that is “Dill Dil Wallon Ki”.


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