Peace or Pain?

Quite bold of a title, isn’t it, well it should be because otherwise why on the earth will anybody read it, rite. But on a serious note, there is a very tiny and fading line between the two; I mean at least I understand it that way.

Well I should get to point, let’s talk about Peace first, we all know that we want Peace, hell we say it all the time, with friends, with family, in parties, in meetings, on stage everywhere. We also use Peace to justify War, bit Irony I would say, but OK. The question that I have for everyone is “Do we have Peace”. Well as I see it only Mental People and Dead People have Peace, because they are in different world all together. Mental People are Happy in there Mad House and Dead People well Dead People are Dead. So, they left us with “US”, the intelligent, intellectual, reasonable, sophisticated Men and Women of our society.  And as far as Peace is concerned, we have never seen it, felt it, lived it, tasted it, smelled it; we only said it, that’s it. And my friends let me tell you a bitter truth about our world, there is no peace out there in the world that we can have because accept it we are the meanest of all creatures in the whole universe. We can’t live with Peace, admit it we love war, we love barbarism, we can’t stand Life.

We all justify war, by saying it’s a war against terrorism, it is for Peace in the world, but is it really. Who are these terrorists, they are the children of the people we massacre in wars on the name of Peace, and those so called big powerful terrorism groups want us to fight wars so that they get fuel for their terrorist factories, are we so naïve to see this are we that stupid, or is it that we love our show of power too much to even look at this fact.

We all are responsible for the murder of humanity and peace, so why is it that we shout at the top of our lungs for Peace, when we are the ones responsible for all the Evil in the world.

We all proudly say that we are patriot, OK then ask yourself, what have you done for your country, forget it what have you done for your city, forget it what have you done for your ZIP Code, forget it what have you done for your neighbourhood, well let me tell you we have done nothing actually. We don’t even care for homeless guy; actually we don’t care for anything where there is no benefit to us, let alone the country. So, tell me where is that patriotic feeling for which we wage war on other countries. Where is the Peace, because this so called war will never end.


“Only the Dead have seen the end of War”

                                                                                        – Plato (Greek Philosopher)

Imagine – by John Lennon

But, we all have one thing in common though, “Hate for others”, the motto of life today is “If I don’t have it no one else deserves it”, and this motto is very dear to us, as much that we drive others to the point where they go mad or suicidal, so we should ask our self, do we deserve peace, and the bigger sinners are the bystanders who see everything and do nothing to stop it, they are the reasons why our world is filling up with evil. There is no Heaven or Hell, it is all here, God gave us Heaven and we are turning it to Hell way to quickly for our generations to come.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is that Good Man do nothing”

                                                                                                                                                    – Edmund Burke


We as a parent don’t give time to our children when they need it the most and when they find their own way of life we critics them and blame the media for poisoning their minds, who are we to blame anyone else when we were not there to help our children understand what is right and what is wrong.

As a child we don’t have any right to leave our parents to their own demises when we grow up, we should always remember they have sacrificed their dreams so that we can have a better life, they have spent their youth for the betterment of our childhood, I say if we should worship any God, we should worship our parents. But, if we as a Parent or a Child do understand each other than where is the Peace.


I can go on and on about it, but the list will never end, so let’s move on and talk about Pain for a while.

I have found a lot of time in my life that Pain is the only way left for God to make us understand compassion, love, and humanity.

It’s a way for God to tell us:

“See, you have two options either drown in this pain and be hateful to others and get consumed by it, or use it as a fuel to do good in life for other and eventually redeem yourself of this pain”

Because there is no other understanding for Pain, it’s like “Be a Phoenix, and rise from your ashes”. We can take the reference of our history, every Great Leader in the World, Good or Bad, used the power of Pain to be what they are, be it Gandhi or Hitler, there is no doubt in my mind that if we can embrace the positive side of Pain we can achieve Peace, like no one have ever felt or heard of.

If we can only change our self the world will change itself, if we can only help each other we can save this world, otherwise friends soon it is going to be Devil’s rule on our world and we will be the ones who will hand it all over to him.

The choice is ours; we want to burn in Hell or live in Heaven. We want to be Gandhi or we want to be Hitler.


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